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Reception Rentals Guide

When you book your wedding venue be aware that you may have to rent many items to complete your perfect party.  Here is a list of some items you may need: Guest Tables,  Cake Tables, Head Tables, Buffet Tables, Gift Tables, Guest Book Table, Chairs, Chair Covers, Tableware, Linens, Tents, Heaters/AC, Dance Floor, Lighting, Bathrooms,…
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Wedding Photography

Never scimp on your photographer! NEVER! Your pictures are all that remain long after the memories of your wedding day fade. Go ahead and look for the best value, but remember you will have better pictures by paying a little more for a professional photographer. The one thing I constantly hear from couples is the mistake they…
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Picking out your venue:

Finding the perfect venue for your wedding reception can be like finding the perfect husband, so take your time. Here in Acadiana we have some very creative choices such as The Blue Moon Saloon, Rip Van Winkle Gardens, L'Eglise, Acadian Village and Vermillionville. As well as the typical venues such as church, civic clubs, and…
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