Is your bridal party too large?

Some brides dream of a huge wedding party.  But before you ask everyone in your address book to be a part of the ceremony, think about the ramifications.  It will cost you more money to have more bridesmaids and groomsmen as everyone will need a bouquet or boutonniere, attendant gift, and to be included in the rehearsal dinner.  While a very few brides may really have 10 best friends, odds are most of you don't.  As I always say "If you don't know the color of the couch in their living room, they shouldn't be in your bridal party." Also keep in mind that you're asking these people to spend a considerable amount of money, event if they don't feel very close to you they may feel obligated to say yes.  A gracious bride and groom will take this into consideration.  It also takes a big venue to accommodate a large wedding party.  You surely don't want things to look crowded at the altar in your wedding pictures.  So simplify, simplify, simplify!