Photo booths are the best interactive entertainment and are so much fun! The digital age has resurrected the old, classic style photo booths of the past. Photo booths are becoming very popular and are a huge hit at weddings. A professional photographer captures moments at your event, but photo booths capture your guests being funny and goofy.

Make your wedding or event truly memorable by sending your guests home with a picture. They'll get an instant printout of their photo booth session that they can take with them right away. For corporate customers, turn that printout into a powerful marketing tool for your brand by putting your name on it. Put your logo on the photo strip or brand the outside of the photo booth and make your visitors remember where their fun photos came from.

A surprising photo booth phenomenon is how many guys like to put on boas, tiaras, and silly hats. Everyone loosens up and gets into the photo booth spirit. And speaking of hats, it’s not every day that men of the lesser hair persuasion have an excuse to cover up the top of their heads for a photo shoot. They seem to love hats the most and don’t mind telling you why.

Now, we all know that when you get your picture taken in a booth you’re supposed to go home with a cool photo strip to hang on the fridge. But lots of guests start walking away from the booth, laughing and joking, without even thinking about the end result. Can it really be that much fun? It looks like it can!